Rabenhorst Organic Vegetable Juice 750ml

Organic Vegetable Juice
The Carrot plant is biennial, which means it will grow for 2 years and then dies, passing its seeds along in lacy flowers. While we tend to picture carrots as bright orange, they can actually range from deep purple to ivory white in color. Nutritional Info
Energy 77kJ(18kcal), Fat .2g, Fatty acid .2g, Carbohydrate 3.g of which sugars 3.g, Fibre .8g, Protein .7g, Salt 75g.
Juice from organic tomatoes, organic carrots*, organic beetroot*, organic cucumbers*, organic celery*, organic sauerkraut* (organic white cabbage, sea salt), organic onion juice, sea salt, organic parsley, organic basil, organic lovage, organic dill juice, organic lemon juice.

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Rabenhorst Organic Vegetable Juice 750ml