Profusion Organic Himalayan Rose Pink Salt Fine 500g

Milled Golden Flaxseed (Linseed) is a valuable source of essential fatty acids, dietary fibre and protein. Enjoy a healthy start to your day by adding Profusion Milled Flaxseed to your favourite fruit smoothie or sprinkled on your breakfast cereal. It can also be added to soups and casseroles, salads or bakin mixes. Because unsaturated fatty acids are unstable when exposed to oxygen and light - our milled flaxseed is foil packed in a protective atmosphere.

Diet and Lifestyle
Free From (Dietary)
Dairy free
Wheat free

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  • Mineral-rich crystal salt mined from the foothills of the Himalayas
  • Himalayan pink salt contains an almost identical set of elements as those in our body
  • Contain potassium, iron and magnesium, all vital minerals for maintaining good health
  • Good as a gift or addition to any home
  • Suitable for cooking and therapeutic purposes