Ogilvy's Raw Australian Jarrah Honey TA 20+ 240g

OGILVY'S Raw Australian Jarrah Honey TA 20+ 240g
Ogilvy’s pure raw honey is naturally blended by bees and each award winning honey has been judged on quality, excellence and above all truly great taste.

The taste is influenced by the nectar source which gives each honey a different and delicious flavour. Bees only fly in a five-mile radius from the hive so each honey is uniquely regional.

Raw honey undergoes cold extraction preserving the natural beneficial qualities and is a natural energy source. Jarrah is a raw cold-pressed honey from the blossom of the Jarrah tree native and unique to Western Australia. Jarrah Honey comes from a single variety of the eucalyptus tree and is considered a healing honey because it has unusually high levels of antimicrobial properties thanks to its naturally occurring hydrogen peroxide activity. This antibacterial activity is measured as a total activity (TA) and our honey is tested in an independent Australian laboratory. The higher the number the greater the activity.

Jarrah honey is a clear runny honey which is sweet and syrupy in flavour and taste like caramel . Perfect to use as a natural sweetener and sugar substitute.

Medium in strength. Warnings
Store at room temperature, honey may naturally crystallise, this can be reversed by warming gently. Not suitable for freezing. Directions
Raw honey is a natural sweetener and sugar substitute, perfect for sweetening tea and coffee, cooking both sweet and savoury dishes and baking. Allergens
sugar free. Ingredients
100% honey.

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Ogilvy's Raw Australian Jarrah Honey TA 20+ 240g

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Linda Allen

Ogilvy's/Bee Natural Raw Australian Jarrah Honey Ta 20+ 240g

Terence Frost
Jarrah honey

Fabulous honey