Eat Your Hat Organic 38% Milk Chocolate 91g x 10

Eat Your Hat Organic 38% Milk Chocolate 91g
A decadent and creamy milk chocolate bar that's organic, fairer than fair, eco-friendly, completely sustainable and utterly delicious – all at once. You'll never find any nasty GMOs, artificial colours or preservatives here. This is chocolate that changes lives, saves the earth, and elevates everyone it meets along the way. 'Impossible!' You cry? Prepare to Eat Your Hat.

This remarkably more-ish milk chocolate bar from Eat Your Hat is pure romance; smooth, creamy, and wrapped in authentic cocoa bliss. Break it, stroke it, hold it close, and lose yourself in the aromatic wave of cocoa delight. This is milk chocolate for cosy nights in, for sharing together under hand-woven blankets.

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